Monday, 14 July 2014


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by kristianna11

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A lot of the time, things are not as they appear. This is the scary thing about the world we live in. People hide things about themselves, some even go and change how they appear for others. What we see may not be the entire truth, or may not have any truth in it at all. That's why I appreciate raw people so much. Those who act genuine, who are real. Whose eyes smile in honest joy. I strive to be that. To not fear judgment or fear being taken advantage of, to be real.

And I guess it's this part of life, this part about people, that reminds me that I should be careful about trusting and believing people. To be careful about commitment. Committing to a fake person, to a person who doesn't turn out to be the person you made them out to be. Don't fear judgment or of being taken advantage of, but be careful.

I enjoy life without a partner. Don't need to worry who you're trusting your heart to. Don't need to worry that he will change into someone you can no longer relate to or love. As we grow older and older, the innocence and naivety fades, and we end up watching our every step. Our circle of friends grow smaller and smaller as we can trust only the closest.

Over-complicated people are scary... beauty and happiness is in the simplistic.

We are all animals, living in a jungle. Only difference is there aren't towering trees, but towering buildings.     Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Life Thus Far...

Been on holiday and stayed away from blogging. For that I apologise. Being bored, I didn't feel blogging was the remedy. But I still don't want to overlook the purpose of this, to document my progression through life.

In these holidays, I have had to make a lot of decisions. Most of which was because I created the need as a result of utter boredom. One major decision was to find a new job, in which I am so happy to share that I got after an extensive application progress. I am going to be working at a bank; getting that experience. Oh and that money of course, for travelling!

Hopefully I will be able to cope with working part-time. I don't see why I wouldn't be able since I did for my first year of Uni, and here I am only doing 3 units. Only difference I guess is this is part-time and that was casual. Other things that have changed in my life include taking up a new sport: Thai Boxing/ Muay Thai. I have a personal trainer for unlimited time, paying only $150, it's so good! How, you may ask? Well he's my older brother. Even better, at the convenience of my own home. Completely sore right now just from a long session 2 days ago.

I love change. It's slightly scary, worried I may not be able to handle it, especially since I realised I didn't do too well in one of my units for last sem (I got a credit, and some may say, well that's better than what I would wish for, I only want a pass... sorry but I'm one of those high-achievers). This credit overshadowed my 2 high distinctions. I shouldn't let it affect me so much but still trying to get past that flaw in me. These silly insignificant things, still affecting me after 24 hrs when it shouldn't.

Monday, 30 June 2014

My MANGO Wish List

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by Rinksy

A long list of my favourite Mango pieces! 

Sadly Perth practically has nothing here, no Starbucks, no Sephora, no H&M, no Zara, no TopShop, no Forever21... Practically nothing. We have nothing here. Quite sad really, the country is already quite isolated from the rest of the world, known as 'down-under' and Perth is quite an isolated city from the privileged East side of Sydney and Melbourne. Worry not, I'd be visiting Melbourne in less than 2 weeks and hopefully get my hands on some of the things we are deprived of. 

But for now, all I can reside to doing is attempt to satisfy my desires by looking online and seeing what I would have bought if these places actually existed in this city. What we also don't have in addition to the long list above is Mango. So here are the things I say you should be grateful you can get your hands on, and also at the convenience of the online store Zalora for you Singaporeans: Shop Mango online at ZALORA Singapore!

A classy dress that can be worn for the office (current obsession with 'Suits'), 
or a night out with girls as long as you accessorise correctly.

I'm all about the white basic pieces, white shirts, white denim jeans,
 and so this is no brainer to have in the closet, I am in great need of
 a white blazer and look at that fit!

Continuing the white trend, a simple white shirt, more tom-boy, 
perfect for casual days with denim shorts, tucking this baby in.

Trumpet skirts, are major! Something so flirty about these amazing skirts! 
And even though it's winter here, put on some thigh high boots and be prepared
 to be complimented non-stop.

Red is hot hot hot! Strangely enough, I don't have a single red dress in
 my closet, maybe something to do with avoiding the Chinese New Year feel, or the
 stereotypical 'Asian-trying-to feel-lucky-today' kind of look. But this dress is amazing!
 You'd be stupid to resist! Perfect for the ball and such a good price!