Sunday, 24 August 2014

Society's New Norm: Divorce

Putting life in perspective...
the average divorce rate for the nation is 46%.
Good luck.

The Still Heat of Summer Makes Me Dream by Queen-Kitty
The Still Heat of Summer Makes Me Dream
by Queen-Kitty

I don't have much faith in marriages to be honest, after talking it out with this guy I am currently casually dating (not a relationship). People may look up to their parents as role models, but to me their generation is just filled with strings tying them together, forcing them to stay together. The love and passion seems long gone with a lot of those middle-older age marriages, sometimes I still see it in my parents which is somewhat reassuring. But then there's also the fact that I'm raised in a different culture, in a new generation... Things are a lot different for me. Divorce is just such an easy option for people... I hear about it all the time... because the rate is at a high 46%. 

The girl who clings to hope, is feeling a little bit hopeless... And also the realisation that I'm a girl, who is going to have to give up her career for a family. Or vice versa. I can't have it all apparently. I hope to defy my parent's expectations of society, of society norms. I don't want to look back at my life and think that all that I've accomplished in life is raise a family, even if that family is a beautiful amazing family. I want more. I want to be influencial in a bigger way, I want to have a bigger impact in the world than that. I want to have done amazing things. I don't want to be a generic female. I don't want to have done generic things...

Monday, 18 August 2014

Aldo Heels

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by Avine

I absolutely love heels, I love them so much, my top criteria for dating a guy is his height.
It saddens me if I have to give up my heels for him.
Height is a deal breaker for me. Take away my heals and I'll fight someone.

I've been having a look online at some heels, busy me, I have no time to shop elsewhere but to satisfy my wondering eye with online shoes: ZALORA's selection of Aldo shoes online.

Here is what I'm currently drooling over.

This pair reminds me of a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti except so much more affordable! 
A slight Egyptian vibe, perfect paired with a flowy lace dress.

Perfect for summer to fall. Casual perfection!!
And even better! On sale!!!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Defensive Mechanism

I came to realise that I have this condition,
where once I find out someone I like, likes me back, 
I lose all attraction towards them.
A defensive mechanism.

Eternal Rapunzel by Dapicture

by Dapicture

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...And that is why it's so hard for me to fall in love and be in a relationship. I freak out! This was exactly what happened in my first and only relationship so far. I liked him, found out he liked me too, and immediately the following day of finding out I told him I no longer liked him. Only after a week, thinking he has moved on and no longer likes me, did I tell him I still liked him and was simply scared.

I can be completely attracted to someone, crushing on them from a distance, imagining how great it would be if we were an item. But the second I find out he likes me too? Poof! My head steps in and numbs my heart so I am confused about how I feel about the guy. A defensive switch turns on. But once I think he no longer likes me, the switch turns back off, and the feelings return and all I do is regret. And I am not the type to let someone into my life if I am unsure about them, about how I feel about them. I want it to feel right, but when it's mutual, it never feels right... because of this switch.

A switch to protect me from entering into relationships, from enduring any possible heartbreak. It's insane, some subconscious mechanism ingrained into my system. I don't think about turning it on. It just happens. Involuntarily, like how a heart automatically beats without your mind telling it to.